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Robert Eisele

This site is my personal playground for all technical and mathematical things I'm interested in. I'm also trying and benchmarking new ideas to improve building complex systems, like large scale web applications, analytical systems and artificial intelligence. Some of these efforts are published as open source projects.

Some insights

In 2003, I started developing and adminstrating high-traffic websites, using a modified PHP and lighttpd LVS-cluster in front of MySQL. I had to learn something which is currently known as sharding the hard way on my own. I later focused on building self optimizing e-commerce platforms and web-analysis software, which ultimately brought me to AI and machine learning.

You'll find some JavaScript and HTML5 projects on my site, which is a fun hobby. Anyway, I use JavaScript in production as well. When Google published V8, it was a nice fit for a problem I had and hacked it into PHP to generate fullpage caches, which were originally generated on the client, but to avoid XSS it was better than duplicating the client-code in the PHP scope. This experience has eventually made me a node.js user from day one.

Support for Startups

My primary focus is to assist startups with what I call seed development. I have built efficient tools to quickly build scalable and economic web applications and measurement tools. However, I also take on the role of a system architect and conceive algorithm and database-driven projects from the ground up.

I'm always on the scout for new innovative ideas and cooperations. If you don't want to create the 87th copycat of a popular website, don't hesitate to contact me.

Say Thanks

I got quite some mails with expressions of thanks for my work on my site and my open source projects. If you want to support me in any way or feel obliged to do something good to me: I like to read ;-)


All of my published open-source projects rely on their accompanying licence. The written text and images on raw.org are copyrighted by Robert Eisele under a creative commons license (CC BY 4.0), which means that the contents can be freely used and modified for any purpose, even commercially, as long as you mention raw.org as the original source.