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People near you with MySQL

People near you with MySQL

Find locations around location with an optimized R-Tree index using MySQL MyISAM.

Trackball Rotation using Quaternions

The Arcball or Trackball is an elegant and intuitive input method to rotate and manipulate a three-dimensional scene with the mouse. With Trackball.js it is easy to integrate intuitive 3D rotations in your website using CSS3 transforms.

HTML5 Kinematic Clock

Play HTML5 Tetris with AI

HTML5 Tetris is a fully customizable Tetris game with optional AI feature.

Precise 220V AC Frequency Measurement with Arduino

PHP IDNA Extension

PHP Facedetect Extension

PHP Sysload Extension

PHP Defcon Extension

PHP Infusion Extension

Bubble Evolution

Bubble Drag

Winamp Equalizer

Starship Shooter

3D Wire Creator

Follow the Swarm

Play classic Snake Game Online

HTML5 Boomshine

HTML Particleline

Punycode with PHP

A libidn wrapper for PHP which allows you to generate Punycode from Unicode through a simple API.

Logical operations with NULL

NULL values have different meanings in PHP and MySQL. Here's a little explanation after a short analysis.

Get the last percents out of lighttpd

A simple lighttpd path which improves the internal constant string handling. The patch is already implemented in the stable release.

Face detection with PHP

PHP Facedetect Extension. The OpenCV wrapper for PHP allows you to detect faces on images and to retrieve their X/Y coordinates.

Add HTTP Response Headers in lighttpd

A simple FastCGI programm to add response headers to lighttpd when PHP and LUA isn't an option.

Simple System monitoring with PHP

A simple PHP extension to tell reverse proxys and loadbalancers that the backend is overloaded. The extension sits between the PHP core and the script.

Global Constants with PHP

A flexible constant management library for PHP which helps to implement a centralized and easy configuration of your application servers.

Fast circular buffer in MySQL

A simple ring buffer implementation in MySQL with an optimization attempt to max out the performance of the fix sized buffer.

Write a PID file in bash

How to write a PID file and spawning a daemon in one single command?

How I've got no new .de domain

My fabulous attempt of getting no new 2-3 digit .de Domain. But I ended up with a nice research on weighting good names.

Store small numbers in big numbers

A small mathematical digression about storing small numbers in a larger bit range to save memory, disk space and index sizes.

PHP Enhancement

A PHP library which adds a bunch of new functions to the core, which could be found in the one or the other project as global addition.

People near you with MySQL

Find locations around location with an optimized R-Tree index using MySQL MyISAM.

Age calculation with MySQL

How to calculate a human age based on two date values using MySQL? Here is a simple function which does this for you.

Field size as power of two

Is there a difference in using powers of two as field size in MySQL or is this just a nerdy habit?

Debian lighttpd startup script

A small Debian bash script to startup lighttpd webserver. There is also an official one but when compiling the package for yourself you have to use your own.

Fulltext GEO Search with MySQL

Fulltext GEO search with MySQL. Additionaly, the population improves the weight for a fair ranking.

Sorted Array to MySQL

Retrieving a sorted list from a database is easy. But how do you store a list of numbers in the same order like in an array to MySQL?

MySQL Wishlist

My open feature request to the MySQL database server.

My very first Chrome experiment

A little HTML5 game which shows the capabilities of the new HTML5 canvas object.

Generate client-side PNG files using JavaScript

A pure JavaScript implementation of PNG to draw images directly in the browser without a canvas.

Write data asynchronously to MySQL

What is the most effective way of writing data asynchronous to the database? APC queue, file based queue, Gearman, zeromq, all of them have it's right to exist.

Dynamic thumbnail generation on the static server

Images are needed in several sizes on a website. Generating every file consumes a lot of disk space. Caching only the sizes they are really requested might be better.

Optimizing integer multiplication

A mathematical approach of optimizing integer multiplications for slow MUL instructions and known constants.

Analyze online behavior with MySQL and PHP

An algorithm to determine when users of a website or a community are mostly online in average.


How to avoid triggering ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in MySQL?

Optimized way of getting subqueries at once using JSON

Retrieving nested data with a single query using JSON as the transport layer.

Combine CSS and JavaScript with lighttpd

An approach of combining static data on the fly using lighttpd's mod_magnet to reduce the number of requests.

My jQuery Playground

Two new jQuery plugins just arrived. A color calculation plugin and a plugin to manage your border radius

Use MySQL binlog to collect accesslogs

A lighttpd plugin to use MySQL's replication mechanism to collect accesslogs from several webservers.

SQL-modes right to exist

An analysis of whether MySQL's SQL mode has still a right to exist. Result: It depends!

Resolve many-to-many relations a bit different with MySQL

An attempt to store a CSV list of ID's instead of a fully normalized table design to improve index size and to save grouping.

Camara support in HTML5 and JavaScript

Native webcam support for HTML5 by using a bridge to Flash in order to solve the technological gap

Transparent query layer for MySQL

A query abstraction layer which uses a prepared statement similar approach to inject cluster management transparently.

MySQL - My new playground

A MySQL UDF to simplify some queries handling with binary, string and group data in a special way.

Is it possible to avoid query parsing inside of MySQL?

A question to the MySQL community...

Create a simple and small GIF with PHP

A small PHP function to create the smallest GIF possible by the standard in any color you'd like.

Tag Cloud plugin for Smarty

An extensive Smarty plugin to create tag clouds based on some simple metrics.

Find friends of friends using MySQL

A list of MySQL views to get the friends of friends (FOF) from a certain user of a social network.

PHP Hacking

An extensive PHP fork with changes to the core in order to improve performance, usability and flexibility.

Faster PHP behind FastCGI

A simple approach improving the performance in real world environments by reducing the number of copies of the entire DOM.

jQuery Pagination revised

The best pagination plugin on the market. It combines the features of all available plugins through a distinct and easy callback interface.

Optimized Pagination using MySQL

How to implement an optimized pagination with MySQL?

Flag based COUNT using MySQL

Counting flags in an optimized manner. Normally, the cardinality of flags in databases is very poor so that a different approach must be used.

MySQL Infusion UDF for statistical analysis

An update of the MySQL infusion UDF in order to add new statistical functions to the MySQL core.

Statistical functions in MySQL

A list of standard formulas for a statistical analysis with MySQL. Additionally some new functions are introduced via the infusion UDF

Optimal index size for variable text in MySQL

Release of a small database auxiliary query to choose the correct index size of a column.

Running Standard Deviation in MySQL

Calculating the standard deviation without using MySQL's aggragate function STD, but by implementing it by yourself.

JavaScript Bit Array

An optimized JavaScript Bit Vector Implementation

Rational numbers in JavaScript

A rational numbers library in JavaScript for more precise calculations

NEO6MV2 GPS Module with Arduino

Set up a serial GPS module with Arduino

NEO6MV2 GPS Module with Raspberry PI

Forcing Garbage Collection in node.js and JavaScript

How to force the garbage collector in node.js and V8

Importing entire Wikipedia into MySQL

How to import the entire Wikipedia corpus into MySQL with database installation, creation and actual import

Complex Numbers in JavaScript

A well optimized complex numbers library in JavaScript

Using GPS with node.js and JavaScript

An introduction to the GPS.js library

Simultaneously set and delete bit flags in a database

A proof to get to a simple expression for bit flag deletion and setting

Store a tag-cloud in MySQL

A simple approach to guide you throw the steps needed for a tag-cloud stored in a MySQL database

How to write a PHP Daemon

A full course into how to write a unix style daemon in PHP

Creating an Advent Calendar with HTML5 and CSS3

How to create an Advent Calendar with HTML5 and CSS3 with a nice 3D effect

Using a Wii Nunchuk with Arduino

How to hack a Wii Nunchuk to make it work with Arduino

Enable Key Repeat in Mac OS-X and disable Character accent Menu

If you want to change the new behavior of showing an accent-menu instead of repeating keys in OS X, this trick may help you.

A pure JavaScript DHCP implementation

How to implement a DHCP server and a DHCP client in JavaScript to get access to raw packages

Set up Internet Sharing on Mac OSX using Command Line Tools

A working solution to set up internet sharing without the system preferences but command line tools

Using Gamepads in JavaScript via node.js

A node.js library to work with Sony PlayStation controllers, Microsoft XBOX controllers SNES or a bunch of other controllers

Operate a Syma S107G Remote Control Helicopter with an Arduino

A deep dive into the remote control toy helicopter Syma S107G to get controlled with an Arduino board

Set Excel columnWidth Property in Points with VBA

How to set the Excel columnWidth property with VBA in points (centimeter and millimeter)

DIY Ohmmeter to Measure Resistor values with Arduino

How to build an ohmmeter cheap and quickly with an Arduino using a voltage divider

How to use a Nokia 5110 Graphical Display with Arduino

How to use a Nokia 5110 or Nokia 3310 Graphical Display using the Philips PCD8544 Controller with Arduino

lighttpd mod_mysql_accesslog

Catch It! HTML5 Game

jQuery color plugin xcolor

OpenSCAD Polygons with Rounded Corners